Defibrillator Campaign

Superheroes Events Limited through our Premier’s Cup Golf Charity Tournament and Charity Q Series is raising funds to expand the number of defibrillators to help save lives, primarily in the Shoalhaven Heads, South Coast area of New South Wales.

Initially through Heart180 Founder and Superheroes Community Care River Retreat Patron Guy Leech we were introduced to the important cause in our region.

Superheroes Events Limited together with an independant team of local community members has come together with the mission of increasing the number and range of defibrillators in our local area to help save more lives, both adults and children.

Our campaign is in honour and in memory of the late Doctor Barry Gray, a highly respected local community champion, who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at his home in Shoalhaven Heads in October 2022. Our campaign is fully endorsed by Doctor Gray’s wife Mrs Robyn Gray, to whom we are very grateful.

To further our campaign Superheroes Events Limited/Superheroes Community Care, in addition to our continued support of Heart180, have also become a Referrer Partner of Australian company Rapid Response Revival, the manufacturers and suppliers of the CellAED defibrillators, to increase the survival rate following a sudden cardiac arrest.

These defibrillators are affordable, easy to use, transportable and suitable for both adults and children. The ability to carry these with you, have them in your cars/motor vehicles, when traveling in Australia or overseas as well as your home. Our donation of CellAEDs to the community is an important part of defibrillator campaign goal

To Help Us To Help Save Lives please scan the below QR Code ♥️



As part of our Referrer Agreement, Rapid Response Revival will donate a percentage of each CellAED purchased to Superheroes Events Limited so we can purchase more CellAEDs to inturn be 100% donated to our various community organisations including schools, sporting groups, community centres, caravan parks, care housing, tourist destinations as well as families requiring benevolent assistance.

As a not for profit volunteer company and now a registered ACNC Public Benevolent Institution with DGR1 charity status, we see this as an important additional way to further Superheroes Events Limited’s and Superheroes Community Care’s charitable community objects.