Supanova Superheroes Community Care Sunset Haven Retreat

In memory of my loving son Blaine, I am honoured to make available ‘Sunset Haven Retreat’ to the Superheroes Community Care benevolent respite accommodation program. Blaine lived his short life with integrity and wisdom beyond his years, facing his challenges with great resilience and determination. Blaine always let his light shine bright through his cheerful, humble and kind spirit, which impacted many people.


We spent many years fully renovating Sunset Haven, with Blaine taking on much of the work himself. Tragically Blaine suddenly passed at nineteen years of age in a workplace incident.Blaine’s legacy and living with intense trauma has inspired me to collaborate with Superheroes Community Care to make a difference and provide a much needed respite break to those facing challenging circumstances and requiring benevolent assistance.


With heartfelt love from Michele and Blaine💚



If you would like to sponsor a stay of a family with chronically ill kids and/or families requiring benevolent assistance, please contact us or make a donation using the button below.