Superheroes Events Limited (SEL)’s journey from original concept over the past 6+ years has been an amazing one.

Thanks to our Patrons, Sponsors, and Shoalhaven Superheroes Volunteers, we have pioneered a unique Pop Culture Community Program, including successful Guinness World Record, Australian, and World First achievements.

However, the announcement below has to be our most important corporate milestone. After nearly 18 months’ work with our solicitors, we have received confirmation that our application to become a Public Benevolent Institution Charity with DGR1 status has been successful.

This very exciting news now provides SEL, through our recently established Superheroes Community Care company, to take forward our events, fundraising, and charity work to new levels.

In particular, our plans for the Superheroes Community Care River Retreat (River Retreat) to provide short stay accommodation for families with chronically ill kids and/or families requiring benevolent assistance will now be progressed.

100% of proceeds generated by our donations and fundraising campaigns will continue to go towards the River Retreat to help cover the operational cost and the sponsorship of family stays. We anticipate DGR1 status will further attract both corporate and general public support.

We look forward to making further exciting announcements in the future.


I am pleased to confirm that SUPERHEROES EVENTS LIMITED 13602867461 has been registered as a charity with the ACNC.

The date from which the charity is registered is 19/11/2020.

View the charity’s registration record on the ACNC Charity Register and download a copy of its ACNC registration certificate in the Charity Portal.

If the charity applied for Commonwealth charity tax concessions, we will pass on the application to the Australian Taxation Office.

I wish the charity all the best.

Kind regards

The Hon Dr Gary Johns

ACNC Commissioner

Thank you to everyone involved for continuing to be a part of our pioneering journey and supporting our volunteer endeavours.

The Volunteer Directors,
Superheroes Events Limited